Crab Devil



Crab Devil, LLC is a Tampa-based multimedia art collective of designers, curators, musicians, writers, programmers, brewers, artists, philosophers, and makers. This current assemblage of creatives has evolved from a long lineage of several celebrated Tampa-based art collectives including Tempus Projects, Cunsthaus, LiveWork Studios, Experimental Skeleton, and others. Crab Devil was founded on the vision of harnessing diverse talents, and featuring a roster of rotating artists, in one centralized location.

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Act for the Good of Humans

Our intention is oriented toward equity and sensitivity to multiculturalism. The artists we exhibit are diverse, and our culture is inclusive. We are committed to nothing less.


We are architects of joy, driven by the desire to impart wonder in one another.

Cultivate Radical Approachability

We believe in the value of unpretentious experiences with art that stimulates thought across a diverse range of audiences.


We celebrate the primacy of the creative impulse and the strength of shared experiences that dare us to be different.

We stand for the primacy of the creative impulse above all else. The human imperative to explore and manipulate our environment drives us. We desire to create experiences and environments that instill new feelings, challenge perceptions, and create transformation within viewers. We are architects of joy.

Our Team of Tampa's Top Creative Entrepreneurs


Crab Devil places value in the skills of artistic practice and people’s ability to thrive from their creative work. We promote diversity, equality and the inclusivity of our community in every part of our organization. We participate in economic and social solutions to the challenges of our surrounding community through collaborative engagement and employment.

Community Partners

Tempus Projects is a nonprofit dedicated to nurturing established and emerging local, national, and international artists. Through exhibitions, residencies, and events that engage the Tampa Bay community through the arts, our artists share their work. Our vision is to cultivate a vibrant arts hub where artists and organizations work together, promoting creativity and diversity within a thriving international arts community. 

Diverse opportunities are available through the Tempus’ Residency Program. Resident artists can be invited to show traditional works in a Tampa gallery setting while collaborating with the artists and fabricators that Crab Devil employs to produce immersive environments of their own design. Tempus’s relocation to the Crab Devil campus creates a critical bridge between these two organizations, which allows for further identifying and nurturing a pool of talented artists.

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Deviant Libation was founded with the concepts of symbiosis and collaboration in mind. We draw from the creative well of our environment and surrounding artistic disciplines to influence new recipes for our fermentation. Seeing the world through the eyes of another creator can be awe-inducing and powerful. Collaborating with Crab Devil to create unconventional experiences is integral to the kind of creativity we do. 

Nesting our brand in a home with Tempus Projects, the Peninsularium, and the Crab Devil team at large allows our respective non-profit and for-profit entities to interact, educate, and inspire one another. Thinking together enhances what we already do well. To ferment, distill, and bottle these feelings in a tasteful and boundary-defying location is precisely the kind of world we imagined living in.

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